Facility Services


For the next two weeks, the campus community has an opportunity to provide feedback to Facility Services at Northern Arizona University.  Please click here for survey information.
In order to provide all customers with up-to-date billing information we have chosen to move to a daily financial upload, previously a bi-weekly event. Thank you for your cooperation.
Beginning Monday, March 31, 2014,  Facility Services after hour and weekend calls will be taken by a local call service, Messages and More. Calls will no longer go to the Boiler Plant on Campus. Customers will still call the FIXED ( 523-4933) or the Work Control Center (523-4227) for their needs during the day and will continue to use these numbers for after hour and weekend calls.

Welcome to the Facility Services website. To the left and below you will find a listing of all Major departments within Facility Services and related information on the departments. To the right you will see commonly used Quicklinks for Design Professionals, Contractors, Faculty, Bids and RFQ's.

Employee Services

Employee Services coordinates payroll, position posting, candidate interviews, the hiring process, onboarding and student worker information for Facility Services.

Office of Sustainability


Fiscal Operations

The Fiscal Operations group manages, reviews and processes all financial activity for the Facility Services department.

Utility Services



Operations and Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance and continued safe operation of campus facilities, and for prolonging the useful life of facilities.  Operations and Maintenance is tasked with operation and maintenance of campus buildings with respect to electrical, custodial, building access, fire life safety, plumbing, general maintenance, carpentry and paint.  Operations and Maintenance is also responsible for maintaining the campus grounds, which includes snow removal.  Additionally, Operations and Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the transportation service center, as well as the moving department.  On a day-to-day basis, Operations and Maintenance works together to complete a wide variety of services in order to provide a functional, safe environment.  Our departments are a mix of multi-talented, multi-skilled trades personnel experienced in all areas of building systems, both internally and externally.

Planning, Design & Construction

The Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) of Facility Services guides development of large projects on the NAU campus and statewide. From initial decisions as to what projects should be developed for the year, to bids, blueprints, renderings, management of construction and opening, PDC does it all.


The Engineering team provides leadership and support to Facility Services and the campus in a number of areas of expertise. The NAU Fire Marshal, through the Fire Prevention Office, is responsible to provide a fire safe campus environment. This includes evaluation of all campus facilities for fire hazards and also fire safety education and training. The NAU Building Official or his duly appointed agent provides code review of construction documents, issues building permits and performs required inspections to ensure compliance with project requirements, NAU Technical Standards and appropriate codes. The GIS/CAD/Document Storage team is responsible to extend the GIS data base of all campus assets, provide CAD drawing support and manage storage of building drawings and documents. The Engineering team provides engineering and technical support for projects and other units within Facility Services. The team also manages the building/infrastructure deferred maintenance program.