EMSA Student Surveys

Fall 2014 Freshman Experiences Survey

The Freshman Experiences survey is administered to full-time freshman during their first semester to gather information about their experiences, familiarity with and use of resources, and learning and developement

Survey Incentive Winner: Walter R. Cheek


Fall 2014 Student Learning Outcomes

Representatives from departments in Enrollment Management and Student Affairs and other university departments collaborated on a survey to gather information from students regarding their participation in EMSA activities, programs, and services and the learning that occurred through their experiences at the university.

Survey Incentive Winners: Emma M. Celoza, Tyler Pledger, & Ann Port


Spring 2014 Campus Climate Survey

Representatives from Inclusion and Multicultural Services, the Commission on Ethnic Diversity, the LGBTQIA Commission, and EMSA Analytics and Assessment developed a survey to assess students’ perceptions and experiences regarding campus climate. Specifically, the survey was designed to collect information on student demographics and identity, use and perceptions of campus services and programs, and experiences in and out the classroom. 
An invitation to complete an electronic survey was sent to 18,453 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the Flagstaff campus in the spring of 2015. The initial email was sent on March 13, 2015, with two additional reminder emails sent before the survey closed on March 29, 2015.
Survey Incentive Winner: Sydney Roberts