NAU Assessment Fair

13th Annual NAU Assessment Fair
Improving Student Learning, Development & Success

Assessment Fair 3

April 1, 2015
3:00 - 5:00 p.m. (Roundtables 2:00 - 2:50 p.m.)
High Country Conference Center


Please join us for the Assessment Fair Roundtables. The Roundtables are scheduled immediately prior to the Fair at 2:00 -2:50 p.m. in rooms on the second floor of the High Country Conference Center.

Assessment Success Stories
Share your assessment successes and learn from others who are using assessment to enhance student learning and strengthen programs.  We will discuss successes, challenges, and overcoming barriers to assessment of student learning. This roundtable discussion is designed for faculty, staff, and administrators who are at any point in the process of designing and implementing student learning assessment. 

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Educating the Whole Student: Learning Across the Student Experience
Come and join a focused conversation on the student learning outcomes for Academic Affairs (“Graduates can…” statements) and Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (Student Learning and Development Framework). The goal of the discussion is to identify 1) the benefits of integrating these descriptions to have a set of outcomes that reflect learning across the student experience, and 2) possible ways to present an integrated description.  

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Please join us for the 13th Annual NAU Assessment Fair.  The fair is an event of poster presentations representing the assessment efforts carried out by faculty, staff and students across the university.  The fair also offers roundtable discussions on current assessment topics.

We welcome posters that showcase assessment including student learning and development, needs and satisfaction, and success.  Posters may also display assessment processes, designs, and/or strategies, not just results of assessment studies.

In addition to a “People’s Choice” prize determined by popular vote of attendees, a panel of judges will select and award a “Judge’s Choice” prize.     

Presentations should include a description of:

  •  Purpose of the project
  •  Theory and methods
  •  Results/findings (where applicable)
  •  Use or potential use of results

Abstracts submissions have closed for the 2015 Assessment Fair. All proposals submitted will be accepted unless no clear assessment focus is described in the abstract. You will be contacted if clarification is needed.

Information for presenters can be found here.  If you have any questions, please contact Jared Hopkins via email at or phone at 928-523-7154.



The 12th Annual Assessment Fair was held on April 17, 2014. The fair was attended by over 186 guests and presenters and included:

  •  53 Posters
  • 122 Poster Authors
  • 85 Guest Attendees
  • 3 Roundtable Discussions
  • 10 Judges
  • 43 Participating Programs, Committees, Offices, and Departments

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The 12th Annual Assessment Fair awards for best poster included Judges' Choice, selected by a panel of judges, and People's Choice, selected by popular vote. 

Judges’ Choice Winners

Screencast Feedback on Students’ Writing: Benefits and Challenge
Corianne Blackman & Yuly Asencion
Global Languages and Cultures

Retention Rates Compared between On and Off-Campus Sophomores
Melissa Hettmann & Matthew Tombaugh
Housing and Residence Life

People's Choice Winners

Peer Jacks
Joey Ruiz, Justen Lee, & Kevin Wahl
Peer Jacks Mentoring

Where You Sleep Makes a Difference
Sara Olson & Cassie Luke
Housing and Residence Life