Mission statement

The mission of Northern Arizona University's Commission on the Status of Women is to foster a positive climate that promotes full and equal opportunity for women in the university community. The commission's objective is to educate the university community and to make recommendations to the President about women's issues so that concerns in university policies, practices, and programs that affect women can be addressed to bring about constructive change.

Our role

The main role of Northern Arizona University Commission on the Status of Women is to help create a campus environment that is favorable and equitable for women.  In doing this, CSW advises and reviews all relevant University issues and policies that impact the status of women on campus.  More specifically, commissioners and advocates actively participate on committees that design, conduct or publish studies that illuminate trends or challenges relating to gender equity, career development and campus climate for women.  As with most studies, some areas of concern can be identified along with recommendations to tackle concerns.  Members of the commission meet with the University President to submit these recommendations for final approval.  After approval, the recommendations are put into effect and a plan of action is created to address issues at hand.

Members of the commission also assume the responsibility of bringing an awareness of women's issues to NAU's campus, through directories, forums, lectures, luncheons and workshops.  Commissioners share with others their knowledge and understanding of women's concerns and interests, for it is through education, information and support that the Commission believes women will reach their fullest potential.