Special Education - Mild/Moderate Disabilities Certified, Master of Education

Note:  Per Arizona Department of Education (ADE), new special education certification requirements, this program changed its title from Special Education - Cross-Categorical High Incidence Certified, Master of Education to Special Education Mild / Moderate DISABILITIES Certified, Master of Education.  As a result some of the courses have changed and credit hours have increased.  This change BECAME effective fall 2015.  For further questions please contact the Educational Specialties Department at EdSpecialties@nau.edu.

This 37-55 units program of study will prepare you to become a certified special education teacher.

Who should apply

This degree program is appropriate for you if you are entering the teaching force for the first time (second career, late career professional) or if you have teaching certification in another area (elementary education, secondary education) and want to become certified in special education as a second area of teaching expertise.


When you complete the MEd in Special Education with Certification, you will be eligible to receive an institutional recommendation from Northern Arizona University.

Mild to Moderate Disabilities includes:

  • learning disabilities
  • emotional/behavior disorders
  • mild intellectual disability
  • orthopedic
  • other health impaired
  • moderate to high functioning autism
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Programs of Study

Below is a downloadable Program of Study.  This includes complete set of courses and other work that must be successfully completed before qualifying for a degree, diploma, or certificate.

The program of studies is the agreed-upon plan between you and your faculty advisor on completing program requirements.

It is used as a verification document when you apply for graduation.

Your program of study will depend on the date you started.

Special Education - Mild/Moderate Disabilities Certified, Master of Education

Academic Catalog Listing

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  • Admission requirements
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Special Education - Mild/Moderate Disabilities Certified, Master of Education