Career and technical education

The Career and Technical Education programs at Northern Arizona University are distinctive and address the emerging need for practitioners and occupational trainers with knowledge specifically in Career and Technical Education, especially as it relates to the latest educational teaching and occupational training practices.

According to the article "Career and Technical Education, a Key to Good Jobs, Needs Help, Report Says" published in the Chronicle of Higher Education (Carnevale, 2012), Career and Technical Education needs to be strengthened in this country.  Our Career and Technical Education degree and certificate programs do this by preparing professionals in any of the five pathways that provide career and technical training as identified in this article: employer-based training, postsecondary certificates, registered apprenticeships, industry-based certifications, and associate degrees. 


According to Carnevale (2012), “We need more pathways to postsecondary education.  Without that, we are creating a class-based society in America.”  As more attention is being focused on Career and Technical Education as a way to address issues in the economy and society there will be a demand for professional training in this field.  Prepare yourself for a degree as a technical educator with these undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs.



The Master's in Education, Career and Technical Education degree program is designed to prepare practitioners for careers in career and technical education.  Includes coursework in six areas: History & Philosophy, Educational Research, Instructional Management, Community Relations, Education Foundations, and a student developed concentration.  Areas from which you may select a concentration include but aren’t restricted to curriculum and instruction, higher education, educational technology, human resource development, and CTE Administration.  Our graduates are (or become) CTE administrators, educators, and training and development personnel in secondary, post-secondary, and business and industry settings.