You + computers = the future

Computer science is the study of information processes and their interactions with the world. Computer Scientists can pursue careers designing and building software, developing effective ways to solve computing problems, and devising new and better methods of using computers to address problems in the arts, the sciences, industry, and society.  According to the 2014 Occupational Outlook Handbook, computer software engineering jobs and computer information research scientists are projected to grow the fastest and add the most new jobs over the 2012-22 decade.  for more information about careers in computer science, check out for more information. Power up for success with one of our degree programs.

Vision Statement

The Computer Science programs produce graduates who are immediately able to contribute effectively in either corporate or academic contexts. Our educational philosophy emphasizes realistic software development challenges with a focus on teaming, communication and project leadership; our curriculum promotes innovation, design, and exploration of the latest advances in the rapidly changing field of computer science.

Mission and Goals

Provide an outstanding educational experience by a student-centered faculty who closely track the evolving frontiers in computer science, are innovative and inspiring teachers, and are active practitioners in their technical areas. Key elements of this experience include:

  • A curriculum that reliably develops knowledge and skills required for success in modern computer science practice
  • An educational emphasis on a practical balance between theory, design, practical skills, and learning skills to allow graduates to integrate quickly into the modern professional environment
  • Continuously updated courses and content that respond  to rapid advances in computing technologies
  • A program that serves Arizona, the nation, and the international community through the practice of professional teaching and activities in computer science

Program Educational Objectives, Learning Outcomes and Enrollment/Degree Data for the B.S.C.S. degree program
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