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At the Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions, we are advancing sustainable energy systems by performing novel research to expand our understanding and the utilization of renewable energy systems and resources. We work to be at the cutting edge in exploring the possibilities for a renewable energy future and directing society to make these a reality. 

"Society has a good start on transitioning its electricity system. It has renewable energy technologies that are either cost competitive or nearly so, gaining acceptance in the utility system and which have stable, long-term prices. In order to move forward, people need smart policies and sensible planning processes that reward and encourage long term and holistic thinking. These actions will allow humanity to take advantage of the deep pool of research talent at universities, businesses and national laboratories."

-Tom Acker, PhD, ISES Director

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    Arizona Wind and Solar Banner

    New Report Released!

    This report details utility-scale renewable energy projects on Arizona’s public, private, Native American, and military land. Click on the image to view the online version.

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    Tech Turbine


    The Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions has been awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory  to help launch and work with the Four Corners Wind Resource Center, which will act as a regional knowledge and education center for wind energy issues. Click on the image to read the press release.