Freshman Fusion

 Freshman Fusion Table

Make a healthy start to your university experience

Begin your first semester right—get involved with Freshman Fusion events, located in the health and learning center. Join in during any step of the program. Experience what Freshman Fusion has to offer:

  • experience incredible workouts
  • expand your knowledge in health and fitness
  • win the latest fitness gear and prizes!

Just follow these three easy steps:

If you attend one or more of our events, you are eligible to receive free fitness gear:

  • attend a Step 1 event: receive a Freshman Fusion T-Shirt
  • attend  a Step 2 event: receive a  Live it Up! Exercise Band
  • attend a Step 3 event:  receive a Yoga Mat or iTunes Gift Card
 My Student Body
Show a Freshman Fusion team member that you have completed the My Student Body CERT and receive additional fitness gear!