Equipment Rental



Backpacks (Small, Medium, Large)$8
Sleeping Bags (0 degrees, 20 degrees)$8
Sleeping Pads $3
2-person Tents$8
4-person Tent$10
Small Camp Chair (Crazy Creek)$4


Single Burner Stove$5
Two Burner Stove$8

Snow Equipment


Multiple Day Rentals

**Participants may rent for multiple days. Any rental that is for 3 or more days will receive a 25% discount. 
***For Rentals to be used in NAU Outdoor Adventures Course/Trip - 50% Discount

Rental Item Descriptions

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Rental policies


All equipment rentals are first come first serve. No reservations can be made in advance.

Late fees

A late fee will be charged for each day an item is overdue. We do not waive late fees. Items more than one week overdue will be considered lost and you will be charged for the replacement cost of the item. Late fees not paid within a week will result in a fine.


Please return clean items to Outdoor Adventures. Depending on the condition of the item returned, cleaning fees will range from a minimum of $20 up to full replacement costs.

Lost/damaged equipment

The renter is responsible for costs of repairs and replacement of goods up to full replacement value.


Charges not paid within one week of equipment return will result in a student account hold, preventing registration activity.


No refunds will be made.

Please inquire with the Outdoor Adventures staff to request other items to be rented. Renting any of these items while taking an Outdoor Adventures class will cost $5 dollars per item.


Participants taking part of an Outdoor Adventures trip or class will receive a 50% discount.