Wushu Club

wushu club

Wushu is a Chinese martial art, practiced as a contemporary sport in countries throughout the world. The NAU Wushu Team practices twice a week. Students learn kicks, punches, jumps, and forms with empty hand and with apparatus. Wushu is non-contact, so the techniques learned are not used against others. The sport is very acrobatic, and students will learn intricate jumps, flips, and aerial techniques. The NAU Wushu Team competes annually at the Collegiate Wushu Tournament, as well as performs multiple times throughout the year for various organizations and events. The team offers a tight-knit, family-based environment and students often become lifelong friends after training wushu together. No experience necessary, all levels welcome. Wushu is interesting, fun, and a great workout!


Contact us

For more information, contact us at nauwushu@gmail.com.