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Welcome to NAU Sport Clubs

The Northern Arizona University Sport Clubs Program offers individuals the opportunity to compete in various sports or participate in recreational activities. Each club is organized and operated by students with assistance from the Sport Clubs Coordinator, and are funded through ASNAU and membership fees. The program currently consists of over 30 Sport Clubs, many of which compete for National Championships each year. Sport Clubs are designed primarily for undergraduate students, but graduate students and NAU faculty/staff members may participate with approval from the club. 

In joining a Sport Club, you will be presented with the following benefits:
  • The ability to participate in an inclusive team atmosphere and work towards a common goal
  • Continue your playing career in athletics without the demanding time constraints
  • Enhance your college experience through being involved on campus and fully engaged to Northern Arizona University
  • Have the opportunity to travel and compete in various tournaments and events against other colleges and universities
  • Have the ability to develop transferrable leadership skills

2015-2016 Active Sport Clubs

To register or contact a club, visit

Sport Club  E-mailPrimary Contact 
Archeryarchery@nau.eduPaeton Keller
Badmintonbadminton@nau.eduMonique Vermillion
Baseballbaseball@nau.eduMichael Lopez
Bass Fishingbassjacks@nau.eduJim Herrero
Beach Volleyballbeach.volleyball@nau.eduShawn Malkou
Bowlingbowling@nau.eduDouglas Liguori
Cyclingcycling@nau.eduKyle Gandy
Dancebadjacks@nau.eduHannah Jackson
English Ridingenglishriding@nau.eduSydney Kerr
Golfgolf@nau.eduRyan Richardson
Gymnasticsgymnastics@nau.eduNicole Bascelli
Ice Hockey (D2)icejacksd2@nau.eduCorey Briody
Ice Hockey (D3)icejacksd3@nau.eduChristopher Eades
Kendokendo@nau.eduJohn Maclean
M. Lacrossem.lacrosse@nau.eduMarco Sliva
W. Lacrossew.lacrosse@nau.eduSavannah Long
MMAMMAclub@nau.eduGregory Harrison
Paintballpaintball@nau.eduCameron Tracey
Quidditchquidditch@nau.eduOlivia Odell
Racquetballracquetball@nau.eduKevin Hayes
Roller Derbyrollerderby@nau.eduLauren Fowler
M. Patterson
W. Brook
Shotokan Karateshotokan@nau.eduPhilip Doi
Snow Sportssnowassociation@nau.eduDavis Bedient
M. Esparza
W. Harrison
Softballsoftball@nau.eduCourtney Gage
Tennistennis@nau.eduGabriella Chernak
Triathlontrijacks@nau.eduBlake Souza
M. Ultimatem.ultimate@nau.eduBradley Wylam
W. Ultimatew.ultimate@nau.eduRachel Wroblewski
M. Volleyballm.volleyball@nau.eduRyan Adams
W. Volleyballw.volleyball@nau.eduCheyenne Villalpando

Potential Sport Clubs

Contact Mike Przydzial, Sport Clubs Coordinator, for more information if you are interested in forming a new Sport Club.

Home Competitions


If you have any questions on how to join or start a club, please contact Mike Przydzial, Sport Clubs Coordinator at 928-523-0567.