Reserving a course

When you reserve a program, we will work with you to design an experience around your group and the goals that you want to achieve. 

When to reserve

Because of the popularity of our program, we recommend that you reserve a course two to three months in advance for a weekend or one month for a weekday program. Sometimes we have unexpected openings, or can accommodate multiple groups, so feel free to check with us at any time to see if a date is available.

Contact the Challenge Course at 928-523-5010 or to check date availability.


At the NAU Challenge Course we strive to make challenge course programming affordable and available to everyone. Your rate will vary depending on your course length, group size, and type.

Challenge Program Rates & Reservation

Program Length

NAU Students

Internal: University, Affiliates, and Youth



Suggested Program Times



with a group minimum of $140


with a group minimum of $170


with a group minimum of $200


with a group minimum of $240

At your convenience

Half Day



with a group minimum of $240


with a group minimum of $290


with a group minimum of $350


with a group minimum of $410

8am-12pm or 1-5pm

Full Day



with a group minimum of $350


with a group minimum of $420


with a group minimum of $500

$60/person with a group minimum of $600

9-12pm, lunch, 1-4pm

The Challenge Course and Programming is Universally Designed. If you require special accommodations, please contact us in advance and we will endeavor to assist you. 

Program rate notes:

  • 10% discount for 30+ participants.
  • Mobile Team Challenge: 10% less than the above rate, plus transportation and travel expense. Custom quotes available.
  • Youth programs: there is no charge for chaperones.
  • Program scheduling is flexible and can be booked according to availability. 

Reservation and cancellation policy:

  • To reserve a program date, the signed reservation agreement and a non-refundable deposit of 25% the total bill or a purchase order (some government, school and grand funded organizations) is required.
  • Program changes are due three business days prior to the scheduled program to avoid being charged the total fee. 

Why the different rates?

NAU Students receive a near breakeven rate. Serving populations beyond the NAU Community is outside our primary mission and therefore must be revenue generating in order to be sustainable.

Unsure if the course is right for your group?

Our staff is happy to visit your Flagstaff location for a free 15-30 minute presentation on the Challenge Course experience. Simply contact the office to schedule a presentation.

Additional services


Food is not provided as part of the Challenge Course experience. Dining hall meals can be arranged by the Challenge Course for an additional fee of $10.00 per person.

Parking passes

Parking is not provided. Northern Arizona University parking permits and zones apply. Parking permits must be obtained from Parking and Shuttle Services or coordinated through the Challenge Course for an additional fee of $5 per car and $7 per bus. Permits are not required on weekends.       

Information packet and required paperwork

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When you schedule your Challenge Course program, we will send you a reservation packet. Your reservation is not secure until requisite paperwork has been returned. The contents of that packet contain the following:

for Northern Arizona University and Affiliated organizations:

  • Challenge Course Group Reservation Packet which includes:
    • reservation and cancellation information
    • invoice and payment information
    • pre-course assessment
    • medical and informed consent forms
    • frequently asked questions document
    • location map

for outside organizations:

  • Northern Arizona University’s Facility Use License Agreement.
    • This agreement must be:
      • signed by an authorized person
      • returned with the appropriate Certificate of Insurance Requirements attached (if applicable)
        • This will be reviewed by Northern Arizona University’s Insurance and Contracting Department. Please allow at least 30days for this process. Last-minute course reservations can sometimes be accommodated; contact us to inquire. 
      • submitted with a 25% deposit
  • Reservation Rules and Regulations Packet:
    • reservation and cancellation information
    • invoice and payment information
    • pre-course assessment
    • medical and informed consent forms
    • participant expectations
    • location map

Required paperwork explained

  • On-Campus Challenge Course Group Reservation Packet: includes the “need-to-know” information about your course reservation. If you are an on-campus organization, sign and return this reservation packet verifying that you have read, understand, and agree to the reservation terms. Off-campus organizations sign the superseding Facility Use License Agreement.
  • Facility Use License Agreement: a contract between Northern Arizona University and the outside contracting agency to protect both parties
  • Requests for insurance: Details are found in the Facility Use Licenses Agreement.
    • Northern Arizona University students, employees or staff will not require insurance.
    • For outside organizations, the type and amount of insurance required will depend on your organization. Please review section two of the Facility Use Agreement to determine your requirements.
    • If you have any questions about the insurance required, e-mail or contact us at
  • Invoice and payment information:
    • Deposit is due at the time of reservation.
    • Final counts/numbers (participants, parking passes, dining hall tickets) are due three business days prior to the program.
    • Final payment is invoiced after the program
    • Final payment is due within 15 business days of invoicing.
    • Medical and informed consent form: Be sure each participant has previously submitted this form or brings it with them to the Challenge Course. No one will be able to participate without a completed form. Minors (younger than 18) need a parent or guardian’s signed approval. Both the parent and the participant must sign and initial the forms in all designated places. Please have the forms completed before the Course, and if possible returned to our offices for review. We will have extra forms on site for latecomers.
    • Pre-course assessment: We ask that you answer a few questions so we can better understand the goals of your organization. Our facilitators will use this as a guide to plan your course.
    • Location Map: Be sure you arrive at the right place.


If you need to cancel your Challenge Course program, consult our cancellation policy.