Preserving the Only at NAU experience for future generations

As Northern Arizona University pushes the pace of change in higher education, we remain firmly focused on what must stay the same.

The NAU experience has long involved an environment of living and learning that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Our students, faculty, and staff truly embody the personal touch, diversity, positive attitude, and active lifestyles that allow us to say, “Only at NAU.”

Former President John D. Haeger, Northern Arizona University

Preserving this environment today and for coming years will require the most comprehensive fundraising campaign in the university’s long history.

The Campaign for NAU will raise $100 million to make higher education available to students who otherwise may not have the opportunity. Scholarships are not only a way to help students find a way to afford college, but they build diversity by drawing first-generation students and attracting outstanding scholars. Many of those students will collaborate with faculty on research that enhances the quality of life in Arizona through bioscience, forestry, and sustainability.

You can help us forge ahead with innovation. Our curriculum is undergoing revolutionary changes to meet the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce. We must pursue the technology that allows us to address each student’s individual needs, and hire faculty committed to that level of personal attention.

The Campaign for NAU creates an unprecedented opportunity for us to fulfill our commitment to student success. Your actions today can change the lives of an entire generation.