One of the goals of WREP is to facilitate the placement of NAU undergraduate and graduate students into internship positions related to environmental biology, environmental policy, water resources management, and environmental engineering. Topic areas should relate to the watersheds, riparian areas, streams, and rivers of northern Arizona.

For students

Send an email message to WREP along with a description of your interests, academic major, and your preferred timeframe to participate in an internship. Interns funded by WREP are expected to write a summary report of their activities at the conclusion of the internship period.

For internship mentors

Please submit by email to WREP descriptions of internship opportunities. Internship descriptions will be circulated by email to NAU faculty, staff and students and may be posted in an abbreviated format on the WREP website.

Please include the following points in your internship description:

  • Brief overview of your organization.
  • Specific duties that will be the responsibility of the intern.
  • Total number of hours the student is expected to work on the project.
  • Hours the intern will be required to work or an explicit statement that the hours and times of the internship are flexible
  • Qualities you are seeking for the intern, including academic major, if applicable.
  • Contact information of person appointing/supervising the intern at your organization.
  • Is the position paid or un-paid? Note that WREP may be able to provide funding for interns.
  • Contact information for an NAU faculty member who will coordinate the internship if the student is seeking academic credit or WREP funding.