Grade Performance Status (GPS) For Students

For intructors

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GPS helps you stay on the same page as your professors, which in turn makes it easier for you to succeed. You receive direct feedback via your NAU e-mail from professors on issues such as:


How does GPS work?

First, instructors send you direct feedback via GPS emails about your academic performance. GPS messages are focused on Attendance, Grades, Academic Concerns, and Positive Feedback.
  • Check your class syllabus and ask your instructors if they use GPS
  • Watch for GPS notifications in MyNAU and check your NAU email account (not Bb Learn) for GPS messages
Then, you choose the appropriate next step once you receive a GPS message.
  • Need further discussion? Reply directly to the instructor using the GPS email, call, or visit during office hours.
  • Need resources or information to create or execute your action plan? Use ResourceConnect to locate resources to support your needs.
  • Need advice? Contact your advisor if you have an issue with the class, you are thinking about dropping or withdrawing from a class, or personal issues are interfering with performance.
    • Advisors and student support personnel can access copies of your GPS messages recorded in LOUIE to improve their ability to help you and offer personalized recommendations.