Academic Transition Programs

The following courses and programs are designed to increase first-year students’ chances for academic success.

NAU 100-Transition to College

Transition to College is a one-credit-hour course designed to help incoming first-year students get the information they need in order to be successful at Northern Arizona University. This class prepares you for future challenges as a university student, while granting freshmen the opportunity to form new friendships with an instant support network of peers.

Contact NAU 100 for more information.


NAUreads is our campus-wide reading program. We ask all first-year students to read the same book and encourage them to participate in conversations. This provides all our first-year students with a common experience as they begin their educational journey.

Find out more information or contact the NAUreads program.

NAU 120-Study Skills and College Success

Study Skills and College Success is a three-credit-hour freshman course about how to study in college. The course will help you establish the habits and skills required for academic success. In addition to instructor support, NAU 120 students will also work with an Academic Success Coach for assistance and guidance throughout the semester.

Don’t hesitate to contact Academic Success Coaching if you have questions.

NAU 130-Back on Track

Back on Track is a one-credit-hour course offered during the spring semester.  This course is for first-year students who are on academic probation, and is focused on academic recovery and prevention strategies. In addition to instructor support, NAU 130 students will also receive additional assistance and guidance throughout the semester from an Academic Success Coach.

Contact Back on Track for more information.

Academic Success Coaching

Academic Success Coaches-Mentoring Excellence (ASC-Me’s) are offered as additional support to students enrolled in NAU 120 and NAU 130. ASC-Me’s meet with students weekly and assist with:

  • creating individual study and time management plans
  • connecting students with key academic and campus resources
  • interpreting academic feedback
  • maintaining an academic focus
  • balancing curricular and co-curricular experiences

Contact Academic Success Coaching if you would like to know more.


Academic Peer Leadership program

Applications for Fall 2013 Academic Peer Leadership positions are now open! We’re hiring NAU 100 Peer Instructors, Academic Success Coaches and Peak Performance Math Coaches. Our positions can be a meaningful professional development opportunity for students in all majors. We’ll provide you with valuable skills and experiences as you prepare for your future career.

Descriptions of each position and our online application are available on our YouLead website at