FYLI Financial Policy Summary


A $3500 stipend is paid to the course coordinator at the beginning of the Development phase for FYLI certification (often a spring or summer semester). The stipend may be split if there are two coordinators – in that case it is $1750 per coordinator.

Fall / Spring FYLI Peer TAs (Effective for the 2014- 2015 Academic Year, funding for Peer TAs is not provided during NAU's Winter and Summer Sessions):

Each section of a FYLI certified course is eligible for Peer TA assistance at the rate of $1300 per Peer TA for a 3 credit or more section. Peer TAs are expected to work 10 hours per week, or 20 hours in a pay period. They are supervised by the section instructor.

  • This works out to be equivalent to approximately $8.13 / hr x 10 hrs x 16 weeks (full fall /spring semester)
  • If the faculty requests more than one Peer TA to be hired for one class section, the total amount is split between all Peer TAs for that section.
  • If there is a 1 credit certified lab using a peer TA the amount given is $433.33
  • If a peer TA has a start date later than the start of the semester, his or her amount of pay will be pro-rated by the following formula. $8.13/hr x 10 hrs x # of weeks remaining in the semester.
  • Peer TAs must be enrolled as a full-time NAU undergraduate in the semester that they serve as a Peer TA. Graduate students cannot serve as Peer TAs.
  • Peer TAs cannot be working more than a combined total of 20 hours per week at NAU.   

Peer TAs are paid following the NAU Payroll Schedule.