FYLI Financial Policy Summary


1) $3500 to the course coordinator at the beginning of the Development phase for FYLI certification (often a spring or summer semester)
2) $3500 to the course coordinator following FYLI certification for the Implementation phase (often a fall semester)

  •  These amounts may be split if there are two coordinators – in that case it is $1750 per coordinator.
  •  All course coordinators pursuing FYLI certification qualify for the Development stipend and, following certification, the Implementation stipend (UC Fellows see note below).
  • If a coordinator is receiving on load credit for their coordination following the Implementation semester, then no further FYLI stipends are given. If a coordinator is not receiving on load credit for their coordination work, then they qualify for an overload stipend to support their coordination work.
  •  Recertification due to changes in pedagogies as it joins the LMC, continue to qualify for FYLI development/implementation stipends (June 2013).

NOTE: For any course coordinator who is also an appointed UC Fellow, the UC Fellow policies override the FYLI stipend policies. The only exception is the case when a UC Fellow is developing a new FYLI course for certification. Under this circumstance, he or she will only receive the Development stipend (in addition to their UC Fellow stipend) and he or she will NOT receive the Implementation stipend.

Fall / Spring FYLI Peer TAs:

Each section of a FYLI certified course is eligible for Peer TA assistance at the rate of $1300 per Peer TA for a 3 credit or more section. Peer TAs are expected to work 10 hours per week, or 20 hours in a pay period. They are supervised by the section instructor.

  • This works out to be equivalent to $8.13 / hr x 10 hrs x 16 weeks (full fall /spring semester)
  • If the faculty requests more than one Peer TA to be hired for one class section, the total amount is split between all Peer TAs for that section.
  • If there is a 1 credit certified lab using a peer TA the amount given is $433.33
  • If a peer TA has a start date later than the start of the semester their amount of pay will be pro-rated by the following formula. $8.13/hr x 10 hrs x # of weeks remaining in the semester.
  • Peer TAs must be enrolled as a full-time NAU undergraduate in the semester that they serve as a Peer TA. Graduate students cannot serve as Peer TAs.

Summer FYLI Peer TAs:

  • Regardless of the Summer Session length (5 week/10 week) the Peer TA for a 3 or more credit course is paid $1300.00 – with a start date of the first day of the semester. If necessary, the amount is prorated if starting after the first day of the semester.