The College Success Program

College Success Program banner

The College Success Program is designed to support your transition to college and to strengthen study skills and habits for a solid academic foundation.

Research indicates that high school GPA is a strong indicator of academic performance in college, and first year students with a high school GPA below 2.75 often face challenges adjusting to the University's academic expectations.  To provide you with a strong academic start, we strive to equip you with the information, skills, and strategies associated with college student achievement.

As a College Success Program participant*, you will be:

  • Enrolled in no more than 11 units of NAU credit.
  • Enrolled in a 3-unit course offered through Coconino Community College and taught on the NAU campus called Study Skills and College Success (NAU 120A).
  • Enrolled with a small group of students with similar interests.
  • Exposed to campus services that will support you throughout your academic career.

This combination of course enrollment your first semester ensures that you will have enough credits for financial aid and most scholarships. When you successfully complete NAU 120A with a grade of "C" or higher, 3 units of credit from CCC will automatically post to your NAU transcript at the end of the fall semester.

NAU 120A is a small-sized class, taught by supportive instructors and includes peer coaches.  This course will help you navigate your new college environment by addressing study & note taking strategies, test taking strategies, student wellness, emotional & stress management, healthy relationships, goal setting and career decision making. All great tools in helping you achieve success at the college level and be better prepared for the years ahead.

The College Success Program will expose you to campus services shown to support student achievement including tutoring and Supplemental Instruction offered by the Student Learning Centers, Freshman Connections programs in the residence halls, and academic advising in the Gateway Student Success Center.

*The College Success Program is only available for entering NAU students with a high school core GPA below 2.75.