Reinstatement Appeal

This form is used when returning to the University after academic suspension. See Filing a Reinstatement Appeal for further instructions.

Choose which method of notification you prefer:

By choosing electronic notification, you accept responsibility for any unauthorized access of the email notification.

The term and year you were suspended from NAU:

The term and year you want to return to NAU:

Your intended major upon return to NAU:

Your intended Campus upon return to NAU:

Are you an international student?

Please select any option below that applies:

You are taking or have completed at least 12 academic semester units (after suspension). Complete the form below. Attach an unofficial transcript, grade report, or class schedule to verify the courses. Grades for these courses must be posted or verified prior to the start of the term/session that you are intending to return.

You encountered extenuating circumstances that prevented you from being successful at NAU. Explain the situation (including dates and a timeline). Documentation MUST be provided with peition. See Extenuating Circumstances Documentation Guideline for specific documentation requirements. Petitions without documentation will be denied.

You have been absent from NAU at least 36 consecutive months and meet the criteria for Academic Renewal. Attach an Academic Renewal Form with your advisor's signature. You also need to complete an Application for Readmission.

Your appeal will be considered complete when your appeal and appropriate documents for the various options are submitted and received by UACC.

The term(s) and year(s) that you wish to have all grades removed: