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What is an internship?

An internship is a structured learning experience in a work setting. A majority of internships take place in the summer, but many are available throughout the year. Internship programs can be found at private corporations, government offices and nonprofit organizations. Internships can be paid or unpaid positions, credit bearing or non-credit bearing. 

How students benefit from internships

Internships are crucial to career development. Through these opportunities students can:

  • Explore an appropriate career path.
  • Discover how to prepare for a career.
  • Learn workplace skills needed to build a strong resume.
  • Develop contacts for future opportunities.
  • Find out what to expect when transitioning into a career.
  • Internship Program Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

Internships at NAU

There are numerous opportunities for NAU students to participate in internships. Internships are usually sponsored through the college or school of a student’s major and they can take place locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Some majors require internships, or have a practicum component built into the curriculum while other areas of study encourage internships for career exploration and practical experience but do not require them. To find out more about the internship opportunities associated with a given major, reply to the departmental internship contact listed for more information. 

Internship advisors

Center for International Education

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International internships

Danielle Varnes
Phone: 928-523-2409

Visit the Center for International Education for more information.

College of Arts and Letters

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Tom Patin
Phone: 928-523-4612

Arts management

Constance DeVereaux
Phone: 928-523-9130


John Rothfork
Phone: 928-523-6241


Scott Reese
Phone: 928-523-9049


Alexandra Carpino
Phone: 928-523-8801

Interior design

Carl Clark
Phone: 928-523-8073


Tom Patin
Phone: 928-523-4612


Dr. Jeffrey Downard

Randy Shannon
Phone: 928-523-5462


Tom Patin
Phone: 928-523-4612

Visit the College of Arts and Letters for more information.

College of Education

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Education (k-12)

Phone: 928-523-6154

Educational leadership

Jennifer Offutt
Phone: 928-523-3202

Educational psychology

Kathy Bohan
Phone: 928-523-0362

Visit the College of Education for more information.

College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences

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Career development

Elizabeth Glass
Phone: 928-523-5704

Environmental Science and Policy

Dr. Diana Elder
Phone: 928-523-1276

Biological Sciences

Teresa Lane
Phone: 928-523-9304


Katelyn Sherer
Phone: 928-523-5194


Susan Bierer
Phone: 928-523-8956


Visit the College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences for more information.

College of Health and Human Services

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Athletic training

Cherisse Kutyreff
Phone: 928-523-9059

Community health

Rachel Billowitz
Phone: 928-523-8513

Dental hygiene

Dee Washington
Phone: 928-523-6198

Physical education

Dr. Steve Palmer
Phone: 928-523-6164


Tina Johnson
Phone: 928-523-0201

Physical therapy

Lorie Kronegeberger
Phone: 928-523-9289

Public health - EC

Jessica Parks
Phone: 928-523-8356

Visit the College of Health and Human Services for more information.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Dr. Francis Smiley
Phone: 928-523-6923

Applied Indigenous Studies

Dr. Lomayumtewa Ishii
Phone: 928-523-3264

Communication Majors

Norm Medoff
Phone: 928-523-8257

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Alex Alvarez
Phone: 928-523-9589

Politics and International Affairs—undergraduate

Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn
Phone: 928-523-8224

Politics and International Affairs—graduate

Sheila Nair
Phone: 928-523-0180


Andy Walters
Phone: 928-523-3206


Sumner Sydeman
Phone: 928-523-9472

Social work

Mary Damskey
Phone: 928-523-6563


Kathleen Ferraro
Phone: 928-523-9412

Women's and Gender Studies

Karla Hackstaff
Phone: 928-523-2128

Visit the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences for more information.

W.A. Franke College of Business

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Phone: 928-523-8880

Wendy Tappan
Phone: 928-523-1291

Hotel and restaurant management

Suzanne Siler
Phone: 928-523-1610

Visit the W.A. Franke College of Business for more information.