Exception Requests

The Academic Standards Committee (ASC) only reviews exception requests from undergraduate students related to university-wide academic policies that are not adjudicated through other channels.

At the request of the Provost’s Office, the ASC occasionally reviews questions of due process that arise in the enforcement of policy.

ASC policy exceptions

The ASC will consider exceptions to any of the academic policies only when students demonstrate that extenuating circumstances made it impossible to follow normal university policy. Documentation should accompany a description of all extenuating circumstances.

Exceptions handled by other agencies

Grade appeals

Grade appeals are handled through the academic department offering the course. Please view the university's grade appeal policy for information about this process.

Graduate student requests

Graduate student exceptions need to go through the University Graduate Committee.

Program-specific policies

Exceptions to policies that are specific to your program or major should be directed to the department or college offering the program.

For example, the university requires a minimum GPA of a 2.0 to graduate. If your program requires a 2.5 GPA, and you do not meet that requirement, you would request an exception from the department or college offering the program. In this case, the program-specific policy supersedes the university requirement for a 2.0 GPA.

Talk to an advisor if you are uncertain whether a policy is university-wide or program specific. Campus-wide academic policies can be found on the academic catalog policy page.

Reinstatement after suspension

The Undergraduate Academic Continuation Committee (UACC) handles reinstatement processes after a student has been suspended.

Residency petitions

Petition your out-of-state residency status through the Registrar’s office.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid

Students receiving financial aid funding from federal or state resources are required to complete a defined number of credit hours per term. Failure to do so will result in a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) hold on your account. Exceptions to this policy are handled by the Office of Financial Aid.

Second time course repeat

The Registrar’s Office reviews requests from students to repeat a class for the second time.

Withdrawing after the deadline

The Registrar’s Office handles exceptions to deadlines for withdrawals.