Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is mentoring and coaching?

Mentoring and coaching programs encourage strategies that will ensure academic success, self-discovery and development of skills for success in the university setting.

  • Academic coaching creates a relationship between a coach and student for the purpose of fostering success skills in an educational environment. It is an individualized process that facilitates goal clarification and achievement.
  • Mentoring provides a guide that offers support and reflection that is crucial to your success at the university during a time of personal growth and transition. This relationship can assist in getting connected on campus, identifying appropriate resources and building upon your strengths as an individual.
Q: Why should I have a mentor or a coach?
Mentors and coaches enrich your college experience by tailoring assistance to your unique needs. Students who participate in mentoring and coaching programs often outperform students who do not. This is true not only in the classroom, but also because students get involved in campus activities that enrich their university experience. Specifically, this experience helps students connect with events and resources, program and job opportunities, understand course feedback, and develop academic skills. Coaching focuses on academic skills, while mentors focus more on helping to manage a student’s transition and fostering campus connections.
Q: What are the benefits of mentoring/coaching?
Students in NAU’s mentoring and coaching programs report feeling more connected to campus because of their mentors and coaches. Research shows that students who participate in mentoring and/or coaching programs are more likely to stay on progress towards degree completion and have higher GPA’s.
Q: How are mentoring and coaching different than advising?
Mentors and coaches focus on classroom engagement and campus and community involvement, while academic advisors typically focus on academic interests, course selection, and progress to graduation.
Q: How do I get a mentor or a coach?
Review the different program options below, determine which looks like a good fit and contact the program directly. Each program has specific timeframes in which services are offered. Choose a program that will most likely be able to assist you.
Q: Can I have more than one mentor or coach?
It depends. Some programs are different enough to allow for overlap, but others would be duplicative and you might be asked to choose. Contact a staff member in the program(s) that interest you and find out if it is appropriate to participate in both programs.
Q: How can I become a mentor or a coach?
Mentors and coaches are hired by each program during the academic year. Peer mentors and peer coaches are required to be in good academic standing, have good recommendations and an interest in helping other students. Visit each program’s website for specific information about timelines and requirements.