Marie Sather

Marie Sather Academic Advisor Sr.
Northern Arizona University

Detroit, Michigan

Degree (s)
BS in Parks and Recreation, Master's of Education in Counseling

What do you enjoy most about working with NAU undergrads?
It is great to see their excitement about their future possibilities.

What is your favorite place on campus?
The High ropes course - lots of fun!

Why should students take advantage of the Student Success Coaching program?
It's a great opportunity to ensure academic success here at NAU and it shows your commitment to you achieving goals.

Student Success Coach 4 Significance
As a Student Success Coach, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that my student succeeds in reaching their goals.

What’s surprised you most about your career path?
That my career path has changed so drastically. All the more reason for students not to fret about your entire future. Sometimes life's paths lead to things you would never dream of if you are open to new ideas, for me it was serving in the Peace Corps for two years in Zambia, Africa (2009-2011).