Kathee Rose

Kathee Rose Librarian
Northern Arizona University
Cline Library


Chicago, IL


Master of Arts, Library and Information Science

What do you enjoy most about working with NAU students?

What I enjoy the most is serving students to succeed: planting seeds and watching each one grow in their own unique way. We have such amazing, creative students. I care for each one as I listen to their needs, then connect them to the appropriate resources and tools so they are empowered to make choices, evaluate, adapt and apply solutions on their journey. I love the feeling of supporting them as they make their dreams come true.

Why should students take advantage of the Student Success Coaching Program?

This program offers many great tools and resources to help a student succeed, academically and personally.

What is a fun fact about you or a favorite hobby?

I enjoy kayaking on rivers, such as the Animas, San Juan, Verde, Delores and Green Rivers in the Southwest.