Eva Johnson

Eva Johnson Academic Advisor Sr.
Northern Arizona University
College of Health & Human Services

Flagstaff, Arizona

Degree (s)
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Spanish (2001); Master of Education in Counseling - Student Affairs (in progress)

What do you enjoy most about working with NAU undergrads?
I enjoy seeing the different ways that students build their experience here at NAU, and lending a hand as they learn more about themselves and how NAU can be an amazing home away from home.

What is your favorite place on campus?
I love spending time on Central Campus.  Being there to wander through the new and older buildings reminds me of where we’ve been and where we’re headed.  It’s always got a nice, vibrant flow of activity – students, faculty, staff, food & fun!
Why should students take advantage of the Student Success Coaching program?
Why not!?  A friendly face and some helpful hints is a great way to spend a half-hour each week!

Student Success Coach 4 Significance
As a coach, I want to inspire, encourage, and motivate. I will draw on my personal experiences and training to provide a safe and welcoming environment, and a wealth of resources, so students can maximize their potential in their college experience - a foundation for their life.

What’s surprised you most about your career path?
How varied it can be!  My career path has been filled with amazing opportunities – people to meet, places to go, and always new things to learn.  The key for me has been staying open to both the fun and the challenge in the variety of my options!.