Beth Pifer

Beth Pifer Assistive Technology Specialist; Useable Materials Center Coordinator
Northern Arizona University
Campus Health Services: Disability Resources


Atlanta, GA


Master of Science - Accessibility and Inclusive Design; Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering

What do you enjoy most about working with NAU students?

I really enjoy their enthusiasm, hearing their story and understanding their world view.  I love being a part of their journey as they transition to University, and seeing those "light bulb" moments as they gain confidence and become successful in their academics.

Why should students take advantage of the Student Success Coaching Program?

Because it's important for students to build a good foundation and develop positive rituals and routines that will carry them through their entire academic career.  Creating a support team and learning strategies for success are amazing tools that every student should be able to use.

What is a fun fact about you or a favorite hobby?

I love genealogy and have traced my family tree back 6 generations, and I'm also fascinated by graphology. My favorite hobbies are hiking, reading and making jewelry.