Becky Garrison

Becky Garrison Retiree
Northern Arizona University
Sociology and Social Work

Flagstaff, Arizona

Degree (s)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Social Policy/Social Work

What do you enjoy most about working with NAU undergrads?
NAU undergraduate students bring energy, new experiences, and diversity into our lives.  I love learning with and from students.

What is your favorite place on campus?
Gateway Student Success Center.  This is a place where students are welcomed with respect and staff engage with students in setting, supporting, and achieving academic and career goals.

Why should students take advantage of the Student Success Coaching program?
In my life and in my career as a social worker and educator, I have experienced the power of someone in my life who saw and believed in my strengths, potentials, and possibilities as a foundation for supporting, exciting curiosity, and encouraging me in my chosen path and journey.  The Student Success Coaching Program is an opportunity to engage with a coach who believes in you and is available to support, encourage, and celebrate your achievements with you as you pursue your goals while engaged in learning at NAU.
Student Success Coach 4 Significance
Belief in people and love of learning are the cornerstone of the experiences and skills I bring to the role of Student Success Coach.  From my belief in people, I have developed the skills of listening, empathy, affirming and respecting difference, and engaging in planned change and goal directed action.   From my love of learning, I perceive each and every interaction as an opportunity for learning and growth of all persons engaged in the interaction.  I learn so much every day from others and as a Student Success Coach, I will continue, with enthusiasm, the path of learning through engagement with students and colleagues.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?
Show up (engage in the process of learning by attending classes, interacting with classmates and teachers, participating in small group learning, reading, writing, participating in university activities); Open up (listen and be open to hearing the ideas and perspectives of those who are different from you);  Speak up (share information and ideas, ask questions, seek clarity and explore new ideas and information); Seek Assistance (know and use the many resources available to you through the University community - we are here to support you in achieving your goals as a member of the NAU community)