Barbara Steen

Barbara Steen Coordinator
Northern Arizona University
Disability Resources

Flagstaff, Arizona

Degree (s)
Bachelor of Science in Education, Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling

What do you enjoy most about working with NAU undergrads?
They are excited about college, and eager to learn new things. They are moving into a new chapter of their lives and I want to help them succeed in college so the they can be successful in the future.

What is your favorite place on campus?
I love having my office in the HLC building with my window that looks out at the peaks and North Campus. Also, I love the North Quad with the beautiful trees and buildings.

Why should students take advantage of the Student Success Coaching program?
When Freshman come to NAU there are many firsts for them, they are away from home for the first time, they don't have anyone telling them when to go to bed, when to study, helping with homework, they are on their own. It can be overwhelming. Then add all of the work they will have to do for each class and students can fall behind and need help organizing themselves, making time to study, and learning valuable study skills that will see them through their college years. That is where the Student Success Coaching program comes in and helps a student to succeed.

Student Success Coach 4 Significance
My definition of a Student Success Coach is to assist the student through the huge transition to college, both academically and personally. It is much more than just coaching a student to be successful. It is helping the student build a strong foundation for their college years and beyond.

What is your greatest strength and how has it helped you in your career?
My greatest strength is perseverance. Even when things get tough, I do not give up. I complete what I start and keep trying for something until I have achieved it.