Student Success Coaching Program

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The mission of the Student Success Coaching program is to support 2nd year students in establishing a meaningful relationship with an NAU professional coach. In partnership, the coach and student will create an environment where the student is inspired to build connections, explore future opportunities and celebrate personal and academic success.

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Program description

3D Tools

Student Success Coaching is a tool-based program where coaches are certified in the 3D Tools, licensed by Patterson Sports Ventures.  The 3D Tools provide a common language for the student and coach to assist in clear communication during meetings in order to develop a lifetime of successful habits.  

Student Success Coaching is unique in that it encourages students to not only identify their performance barriers, but also take action to overcome them. Through the use of the 3D Tools, coaches work with students to develop “actions to change" that they can commit to for significance.
Through the training in the 3D Tools, coaches are equipped with a tool-kit that allows them to personalize each coaching session to their student's needs. In this model, coaching sessions are student driven and based on the needs of the student. Meetings are always relevant to the student's personal and academic goals.
The Power of Team
It is well-known that in order for students to be successful in college, they must have a team supporting them. This team can be comprised of friends, family, coaches, and campus resources. One of the biggest roles that coaches play is that of a connector. Coaches are trained in the various resources that Northern Arizona University has to offer and how to determine which resources are best for their student.

 Goals & Outcomes

Program Goals
• Connect students with an NAU professional coach
• Increase student success
• Improve student retention
• Increase employee engagement and satisfaction with NAU by directly connecting them to student success
Student Outcomes

Based on a whole person approach, students will be offered the opportunity to:

• Explore their sense of direction and belonging
• Build engaging and reflective relationships
• Identify strengths and celebrate successes
• Discover solutions that work
• Practice new skills
• Clarify their purpose and goals

Coach Outcomes

The coach will complete required life coaching certification and resource training encourage them to:

  • Assess the students' needs and make appropriate recommendations
  • Place the needs of student at the center of the coaching relationship
  • Connect with other coaches and university professionals to expand their personal and professional networks to serve students

What is coaching?

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Become a Student Success Coach

SSC Applications for the 2016-2017 academic year will be available Spring 2016.
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