The MyFoundations Self-Assessment and Development tool ensures you are on track for university-level academics in reading, writing, math, and study skills. 

It is expected that new NAU students will:

  1. Complete the Reading Skills and Reading Level diagnostics prior to attending orientation and achieve mastery before mid-terms
  2. Review personally relevant Study Skills topics before mid-terms

It is recommended that NAU students complete the following before the second term:

  1. Complete the Math* path builder
  2. Complete the Writing* path builder

*It is not necessary to complete a Writing or Math diagnostic in MyFoundations if you have already submitted one for another class. Do not use MyFoundations modules for any course assignments unless directed to do so by your instructor. Customized, course-specific Writing and Math modules are used for assignments and grades in some NAU courses; these will have a separate course link in your BbLearn course list.

How it works

Review the steps below and watch the video:

  1. Self-Assess: The path builder diagnostic indicates mastery or creates a personalized learning path
    • Learning paths target only areas needing improvement
  2. Self-Develop: Complete the identified learning paths for mastery
    • Instant feedback
    • Choose activities that fit your learning style
    • Work at your own pace

For best results complete one module at a time and do activities in order.

See how it works: MyFoundations Preview


NAU provides four terms of MyFoundations access free of charge for first-time, first-year students with less than 30 test/transfer credits who start in the Fall (students starting in Spring receive three terms). This includes Pearson tutoring services, as described on the MyFoundations home page.

After your initial sign-in, there will be a permanent link on your BbL (Blackboard Learn) home page in the "Tools" bar.