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Substitution/Waiver Petition Process 

     To request a waiver...
  • To request a waiver of a Liberal Studies requirement, please use the University Requirement Waiver found in policy 100801.
  • Liberal Studies substitution request:
    • Requests involving courses taken at institutions other than NAU must be approved by the Assistant Director of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientations. Form: Request to substitute a transfer course for a Liberal Studies requirement found in policy 100216. (Form must be completed by NAU advisor.) Exception: Capstone and JLWR substitutions or waivers are approved by your advisor, the chair of your department, and the associate dean of your college or school. See policy number: 100801, Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees.
    • NAU courses that do not have a Liberal Studies requirement designation (FNRQ or distribution block) cannot be substituted for a Liberal Studies requirement.
    • Courses taken at NAU before Fall 1999 (a.k.a..., "legacy courses") that are now approved for NAU's current Liberal Studies program can be used to satisfy current Liberal Studies requirements if the student has moved forward to a catalog associated with the current Liberal Studies program. Advisors should e-mail the Registrar's Office Academic Advisement Reports (AAR) Coordinator to have the appropriate Requirement Designation applied to the student's enrollment. The student EMPLID, course, term taken, and requested Requirement Designation should be included in the e-mail. The Registrar's Office will keep advisor e-mails as an historical record. No request form is necessary under these circumstances.