Liberal Studies Committee

The Liberal Studies Committee was formed at the recommendation of the Liberal Studies Task Force and the University Curriculum Committee in August 1998. The Liberal Studies Committee aids in making policy decisions regarding the liberal studies program, and evaluates and approves courses to be included in the curriculum.

Read the bylaws to learn more about the Liberal Studies Committee.


Liberal Studies Committee Meetings AY 2014
Liberal Studies Committee Meetings AY 2015
     Month    Day     Year       Time     Building          Call-In #      
September22014  1-3pmBabbitt (Room 260)928-523-7752
September1620141-3pmBury Hall #8-107 928-523-7752
October720141-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
October2120141-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
November420141-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
November1820141-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
December220141-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
December1620141-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
January20*20151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
February320151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
February1720151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
March320151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
March1720151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
April720151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
April2120151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
May 520151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752
May1920151-3pmBury Hall #8-107928-523-7752

Last meeting for course proposals to get LS approval and be added to the 15-16 Academic Catalog.


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Meeting notes of discussion and agendas

Read agendas and minutes from previous Liberal Studies Committee meetings.

Town Hall Meetings

The next Liberal Studies Town Hall Meeting is scheduled on September 25th, 2014, from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm, at the Student Union/Kaibab.
Read agendas, minutes, and presentations from previous Town Hall Meetings.