Liberal Studies Committee

The Liberal Studies Committee was formed at the recommendation of the Liberal Studies Task Force and the University Curriculum Committee in August 1998. The Liberal Studies Committee aids in making policy decisions regarding the liberal studies program, and evaluates and approves courses to be included in the curriculum.


The Liberal Studies Committee is charged to work with the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs to lead and manage the Liberal Studies Program. This program is to be carried out through a curriculum of studies required of all graduates of the University, and is designed to support the development of the essential knowledge and skills for engaged global citizenship in the 21st century. Specifically, the Liberal Studies Committee will establish, review, approve, and/or recommend to the appropriate body approval of the following:

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  • the mission and purpose of liberal studies at NAU,
  • the educational goals and objectives of the liberal studies programs, the educational goals and objectives and methods of assessment of the outcomes of the courses approved for the liberal studies curriculum,
  • policies governing the standards for the liberal studies curriculum,
  • recommendation of courses for inclusion, and approval of changes in the overall curriculum and/or courses in the liberal studies curriculum,
  • assessment and improvement of student learning,
  • strategic planning regarding the role and function of the Liberal Studies program at Northern Arizona University,
  • faculty engagement and support for teaching Liberal Studies.

Read the bylaws to learn more about the Liberal Studies Committee.

Meeting Dates and Materials

Meeting dates and materials for current and previous Liberal Studies Committee meetings.

Liberal Studies Committee Members' Roles and Responsibilities 

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 Actively engage in the Liberal Studies Committee through:

  • Attending all Liberal Studies Committee meetings
  • Thoughtfully reviewing all materials set forth for the agendas of meetings, prior to the meeting in order to provide consultation and counsel to the Liberal Studies Program Director.
  • Serving on a course review sub-committee. 
  • Review courses for the sub-committee in a timely manner, including the completion of reviewers’ forms and discussion of course submissions with sub-committee members.
  • Reviewer’s forms for courses must be submitted to sub-committee chairs within one week of receipt of a new course
  • When necessary, provide collegial comments to faculty submitters for improving syllabi alignment to Liberal Studies criterion.
  • Present completed reviewer’s forms to the full LSC, recommending either approval or disapproval of the course for a Liberal Studies Program Designation.

Liberal Studies Committee Members

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Liberal Studies Program Review

Read the Liberal Studies Committee Program Review information.