Mark Cagle

Mark Cagle Career and Academic Advisor
Northern Arizona University
Gateway Student Success Center
Phone: 928-523-5909

Education: MS Biology, Northern Arizona University

                   BS Biology w/ emphasis in physiology; minor in Chemistry, Northern Arizona University 

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, running, and watching way too much Netflix. 

Advice for new students: Adjusting to university life can be challenging so be sure to create a support system, do not be afraid to seek help. This is an exciting time for personal growth and learning about yourself so try new things-and go to class! 

Fun facts:

I spend most of my time with my wife, Kristina, and son, Liam. We have a dog named Carly and a cat named Otto.

My favorite TV show is The Twilight Zone, although the X-FilesDr. Who, and The Office are up there.

My favorite aspect of advising students is when I can help a student find the right major or path for them and seeing their face light up.