Congrats, your instructor thinks you are doing something right!

and used Grade Performance Status (NAU's academic feedback system) to let you know!


"Academic feedback is more strongly and consistently related to achievement than any other teaching behavior…"
-Black, Bellon, and Blank

If you received a GPS email from your instructor, then he/she cared enough to keep you informed about your performance. Take advantage of the information provided with the appropriate follow-up (if necessary).

What should I do with positive feedback?

  • Use this opportunity to thank your instructor and ask questions if you have them.
  • Keep doing what you're doing and look for other areas where you can apply this strength.
  • Start networking: Would this instructor be valuable in your professional network, maybe provide a letter of recommendation or guidance in the future? Schedule an appointment to discuss your interests and plans.
  • ResourceConnect is always available to help you find resources if you need them.