Grades - good news or not, your instructor wanted you to know

and used Grade Performance Status (NAU's academic feedback system) to let you know.


Poor grades can affect other areas and create unnecessary stress. Your GPA and academic standing can affect financial aid, scholarship funding, and housing; eligibility for athletics, clubs, and programs; and admission to undergraduate programs and graduate school.

If you received a GPS email from your instructor, then he/she cared enough to keep you informed about your performance. Take advantage of the information provided with the appropriate follow-up (if necessary).

What should I do with grade information? 

  • If it's good news, then keep doing what you're doing!
  • Not happy? First, meet with your instructor. No one knows the content or the necessary strategies for success better than he/she does.
  • Create an action plan and use ResourceConnect to find the right support,
  • Meet with your advisor if the issue is the class itself.

Looking for your grades?

Select the secure grade link in the GPS email from your instructor. These GPS pages do not display your grade information. In order to view your grades, also consider these options:

  • Ask your instructor! Your instructor can also use GPS to send you a secure link in your email with specific grade information.
  • Check your MyNAU Portal Student Center (select 'Show Grades')
  • Check BB Learn
  • Check LOUIE (Mid-terms & Final grade postings)