Attendance Issue?

Your instructor thinks so ... and used Grade Performance Status (NAU's academic feedback system) to let you know.


"…class attendance [is] a better predictor of college grades than any other known predictor of academic performance, including scores on standardized admissions tests such as the SAT, high school GPA, study habits, and study skills."
– Credé, Roch, and Kieszczynka

If you received a GPS email from your instructor, then he/she cared enough to keep you informed about your performance. Take advantage of the information provided with the appropriate follow-up (if necessary).

What should I do with an attendance concern?

  • Make the changes necessary to get yourself to class.
  • Use ResourceConnect to find and use resources to help you out!
  • Think it's a mistake? Check LOUIE class schedule to confirm you are attending the right section and make sure a dropped class is no longer on your schedule. Talk with the instructor.
  • Need to drop or withdraw? Review drop information and talk with your advisor about how this affects your academic plan.
  • If you're unsure about dropping a class, talk to an advisor.