GPS Instructor Resources

Access GPS

GPS is located in your LOUIE Faculty Center. Access GPS by simply:

  1. Logging into LOUIE
  2. Selecting the Faculty/Instructor tab at the top of the page
  3. Selecting the blue GPS icon next to your class

Click here for a simple tutorial demonstrating how to login to GPS and send messages to your students. (Note: at the beginning of this tutorial are simple text instructions if you prefer not to use the full tutorial with images). Prefer a video? Click play below:


Watch Video: GPS Tutorial Video

Video Accessibility Instructions:

These video instructions are located directy above a YouTube video. Hit the DOWN arrow key until you hear the words FLASH START. Once the screen reader is inside the FLASH OBJECT, hit the TAB key about 7 times until you hear PLAY BUTTON a second time. Hit the Spacebar key to play the video. You can then hit the Spacebar key again to pause the video. Feel free to hit TAB and TAB+SHIFT to listen to all the buttons in the FLASH OBJECT. Sometimes the PLAY button and the PAUSE button will be listed as an UNLABLED BUTTON.

GPS is integrated with your Bb Learn Gradebook - click the image below for simple instruction to setup this connection:

 Bb - GPS Integration