Engaged Pedagogy

First year seminar courses with an Action Research Team component and NAU learning communities

Engage, learn, and make a difference

Food Group
FYSeminar students gather in small groups to discuss their reading

Thank you for your curiosities, time, and energy as seekers for a meaningful, experiential program where theory and practice mutually enrich each other. Here, you will actively engage in modes of democratic organizing on campus and in the city of Flagstaff to foster vibrant and resilient communities.  Here, we will envision, create, and celebrate together.  Here, we are engaged in a movement for sustainable, just, and democratic communities.

Students Interacting

Celebrate small class sizes, rich course content, and on the ground community participation with the First Year Seminar Program and throughout your college career here at NAU. Look for opportunities to participate in courses with an ART or Learning Community component. Ask your advisers in Gateway or click on our tab to find courses offered next semester.