Community Partners

Thanks to all community partners, supporters, and friends for the dedication in the movement towards a just, sustainable, and democratic Flagstaff community.

Check out those that contribute so much! It takes a village.
This list does not include all of the amazing people and organizations working for the Flagstaff community. A big thanks to everyone working toward a livable, equitable, and vibrant Flagstaff. Expect updates to this list.
Sustainable Communities Masters Program at NAU

Sustainable Communities Masters Program (SUS)

Many of the Action Research Team leaders and facilitators are graduate students of the MA Sustainable Communities program here at NAU.  They have many different interests and focus areas, but all are passionate, talented, and a joy to work with.  Throughout their career, they are mentored by Director, Luis Fernandez, as he provides guidance, leadership, and encouragement to follow through with their dreams.

Overall, the Masters in Sustainable Communities is: 

  • interdisciplinary and issue-based
  • focused on linking theory and practice
  • based on community organizing
  • weighted in local and regional community partners
  • open and flexible, as sustainability is an evolving topic.

With the ARTs

The program revolves around the Action Research Teams (ARTs), as students work closely with a variety of community partners, students, and staff in collaboration towards action research and social and environmental justice.
You will have the opportunity to work with your advisor to establish an area focus that reflects your specific interests and the Action Research Team Program Coordinator will meet with you throughout your participation in this movement as well to provide support and mentoring.