In Fall 2011, eighteen FYSeminar sections enrolled nearly 360 students to learn about topics such as Water in the Southwest, Power-Justice-Freedom, Art, Immigration & the Boarder, Southwest Sustainable Foods, Student Democratic Initiatives, and Environment and Social Change. Each section had an ARTs component where students worked with community members in campus and community based grassroots movements.

There are now over 10 Action Research Teams on campus. Each semester more FYSeminar courses, students, faculty, staff and community partners become involved and dedicated towards the development of an economic, environmental, just, and democratic sustainable community.

Please explore this website for more updates on events and new courses with FYSeminar /ART collaborations, information on all of our partnerships on and off campus, the ARTs, and ways to join, get involved, and support our mission. We welcome creative ideas, comments, and your personal narratives of your experiences in this movement. Any comments or questions encouraged- just click on the contact us tab.

Time to explore! Each page will lead you to inspiring examples and stories of the radical work being done in our community. Think outside the box. Find your voice. Join a team of thinkers and doers. Begin to vision. Create change. Celebrate!