Course-Linked Academic Support (CLAS)

CLAS supports and reflects what the best college teachers do.

CLAS seeks to support individual, undergraduate courses by connecting them with the very best academic resources our campus has to offer. This page is intended to provide NAU faculty and staff with information about relevant academic resources designed to promote student success within specific courses. CLAS resources are available to all students enrolled in a supported course.

When approaching student, academic challenges, the best college teachers…

  • Create conditions in which students realize their potential to learn.
  • Recognize that there is no single “best way” to teach.
  • Believe that students succeed in environments of positive expectations that are genuine, challenging yet realistic, and that take the student (and their academic work) seriously.
  • Set high standards and convey a strong trust in their students’ abilities to meet them.
  • Promote intellectual excitement and curiosity.
  • Believe every student requires something special; no single approach can work for everyone.
  • Seek to provide conceptually rich experiences for students to succeed, not remedial work.
  • Expect students to work with others outside of class to enhance their learning.
  • Give students many opportunities to use their developing skills as they tackle fascinating problems and receive challenges to their thinking.

Summarized from Bain, K. (2011). What the best college teachers do. Harvard University Press.

We are here to partner in your work with students! In support of what the best teachers do, CLAS extends these principles through supplemental, out-of-class experiences in coordination with your work in the classroom.

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