NAU 100: Transition to College

is a one-unit class that focuses on helping student’s transition into college, navigate campus resources, and make social connections to the NAU Mountain Campus. (Students participating in the Honors Program would take HON 100 in place of NAU 100.)

  • One-credit course for first-year students.
  • Students learn about and participate in campus activities and resources.
  • Students learn a number of valuable academic skills.
  • NAU 100 helps student create a network of friends and students who are all experiencing their first-year of college life.
  • Peer Instructors teach the course and provide an authentic understanding of college success.
  • NAU 100 uses the NAUreads selection.
  • ATP’s research demonstrates that students who successfully complete NAU 100 receive higher GPA’s and are more likely to graduate than students who don’t participate.