For Parents

Welcome to the NAU family! As a parent we understand that you may be concerned your student is on the right track. Many parents want to make sure that their students take the right classes and have a good foundation for the rest of their college career. Guess what? We do too! Academic Transition Programs shares your concerns and our classes provide a strong foundation for your student to become successful during their first semester. Our NAU 100 Peer Instructors and NAU 120 Coaches are students who know the ropes and are able to guide your student towards support systems on campus, better time and money management, and how to solve their own problems as an adult. Our NAU 120 Graduate Assistants are successful, responsible graduate students, often working towards their MA or PhD in Educational Counseling or Educational Psychology. Your student will be in good hands with our instructors!

Why Should Your Student Take an ATP Course?

Your student should take ATP in order to combat the pitfalls that hamper many students entering college for the first time. During their first-year at NAU your students may go through non-academic transitional issues such as leaving home, living in a new environment, meeting new people, and operating on a different kind of schedule. They must learn practical skills such as money/budgeting, laundry, time management, and independent decision making. They may experience emotional dispositions such as homesickness, stress management, conflict management, and boundary issues. This could manifest as:

  • Pulls away from home, siblings, romantic relationships, etc.
  • Getting to know the campus, geographically, resources, etc.
  • Learning how to get around Flagstaff and explore their new town
  • Forming new relationships and new conversation/interaction skills

NAU 100 and NAU 120 address all of the above issues and more, giving your student the foundations they need to succeed!