NAU 100, NAU 120, NAU 130 . . .

What’s the difference?

NAU has multiple courses designed to maximize first-year student success. The following courses are designed to increase first-year students’ chances for academic success by providing appropriate information, resources, and relevant course material. 

NAU 100
is a one-unit class that focuses on helping student’s transition into college, navigate campus resources, and make social connections to the NAU Mountain Campus. (Students participating in the Honors Program would take HON 100 in place of NAU 100.)
NAU 120 - Strategies for College Success

is a three-unit course with a deeper focus on study skills, note-taking, and basic academic skills. Students in NAU 120 will also be provided with an Academic Peer Coach. First-year students do not usually co-enroll in NAU 100 and NAU 120 during their first semester.

 Don’t hesitate to contact Academic Success Coaching if you have questions.

NAU 130 - Back on Track

is a one-unit academic resiliency course designed to support students who would like to improve their GPA in the second semester of the first year. Students in NAU 130 will also be provided with an Academic Peer Coach who will help them design a customized plan for setting goals, studying, and getting help with classes. This class is usually offered only in the spring semester.

 Contact Back on Track for more information.