Faculty Fellows

Alex Terwilliger — Lecturer, Academic Transition Programs, University College

Alexander Alvarez – Professor,Criminology & Criminal Justice, SBS

Amy Rushall — Senior Lecturer, Mathematics & Statistics, CEFNS

Angie Moline — Lecturer, Earth Sciences And Environmental Sustainability, CEFNS

Astrid Klocke — Associate Professor, Comparative Cultural Studies, SBS

Barbara Boschmans — Director, Mathematics & Statistics, CEFNS

Betsy Buford — Lecturer/Course Coordinator, Academic Success for International Students

Beverly Amer — Principal Lecturer, W. A. Franke College of Business

Blase Scarnati — Associate Professor, Co-Director First Year Learning Initiative & Director First Year Seminar/ARTS, University College

Brandon Cruickshank — Professor, President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellow, CEFNS 

Brian Beaudrie – Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Statistics, CEFNS

Bruce Fox — Professor, Forestry & Chair, Liberal Studies Committee, CEFNS

Catherine Louchart — Principal Lecturer, Mathematics & Statistics, CEFNS

Cyndi Banks — Professor & Dean, University College

Dana Ernst — Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Statistics, CEFNS

Ellie Kennedy — Senior Lecturer, Mathematics & Statistics, CEFNS

Eric Yordy — Assistant Professor, W. A. Franke College of Business

Greg Glau — Professor & Director, English Composition, CAL

Kate Ellis — Associate Professor, Director of College Based Learning Communities, CAL

Kaitlin Hublitz — Lecturer, Academic Transition Programs, University College

Kevin Ketchner — Academic Librarian, Cline Library & University College

Meliksah Demir — Assistant Professor, Psychology, SBS

Melissa Birkett — Associate Professor, Psychology, SBS

Michelle Miller — Professor, Co-Director First Year Learning Initiative, SBS

Rachel Koch — Lecturer, English, CAL

Rebecca Campbell — Associate Professor, Director, Academic Transition Programs, University College

Rom Coles  Professor & Director, Community Culture & Environment / CRAFTS, SBS & University College

Rosalinda Haddon — Associate Clinical Professor & Director Liberal Studies, University College

Stephanie Edgerton — Lecturer, Mathematics & Statistics, CEFNS

Steven Jacobs — Lecturer, Computer Science, CEFNS

Terry Blows — Professor & Chair, Mathematics & Statistics, CEFNS