Hooper Sustainability Award


The Hooper Sustainability Award recognizes Northern Arizona University undergraduate and graduate students who have made an extraordinary effort to enhance the culture of sustainability on the NAU campus and surrounding community.

For this purpose, sustainability means increasing the heath of our community and our planet through an understanding of, and actions to enhance, the stability, resilience, and diversity of our intertwined natural, social, economic, and cultural systems. A sustainability award nominee should recognize these links and undertake significant actions resulting in positive impacts to the sustainability our local community. These actions could have a major impact over a short period of time or occur over an extended period.


You must be a current NAU undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing currently working on a sustainability project to be eligible to receive a Hooper Sustainability Award.

Nomination process

NAU's Environmental Caucus will accept a letter of nomination from the nominee's faculty mentor, adviser, staff member, or colleague who is familiar with the student's work. Students may NOT self-nominate. The nomination letter should include

  • a statement describing the nominee's role and activities at NAU
  • a description of the impact of the nominee's activities on the sustainability of our NAU and regional community
Please send the nomination letter to environmentalcaucus@nau.edu by the deadline listed below.


April 1, 2014

2013 Winners

  • Patrick Pfeifer – Launched a successful, student-run, large-scale compost project on campus
  • Adam Davidson – Connected students with the Flagstaff community to support, launch, and run VeloComposting
  • Nolan Bade – A Green Jack and contributor to sustainability efforts: Student Environmental Caucus Chair, member of the Green Fund, and presenter at AASHE
  • Kiersten Wilber – Eco-House Community Mentor – developed and implemented educational programs for the Eco-House community

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