Hooper Poster Presentations & Reception Special Event

By Invitation Only

The Office for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity celebrates this year’s Hooper Undergraduate Research Award recipients, with special guest, Dr. Henry O. Hooper, retired NAU associate provost for academic affairs and physics professor emeritus.

Thursday, April 28, 2016
Native American Cultural Center, Building 14, Gathering Room

2015-2016 Hooper Undergraduate Research Award (HURA) Recipients

  • Dylan Barbera: Neural Dynamics of Moving and Static Faces: An Event Related Potential Study (Mentor: Chad Woodruff)
  • Daniel Boggs: Measuring the Recharge Rate of Aquifers in the Flagstaff Area (Mentor: Abraham Springer)
  • Brett Cutler: EDS/WDS Quantification of Elemental Spatial Distribution in Fish Scales: Paving the Way for Geochemical Assessment (Mentor: Russell Benford)
  • Ra'Shae Esplin: The Self-Assembly of Active Magnetic Micro- and Nano-structures (Mentor: John Gibbs)
  • Wolfgang Forbes: Dune Migration Rates on the Navajo Reservation and Links to Climate Change (Mentor: Lee Amoroso)
  • Elizabeth Gehret & Curtis Dankof: Numerical Simulations of Star Formation in Galaxy Mergers (Mentor: Lisa Chien)
  • Allison Griffin: Assessing Personality Types of Students in Athletic Training Programs (Mentor: Scot Raab)
  • Jonathan Grunwald: Uraniums Estrogenic Effect on Human Breast Cancer Tissue, using MCF-7 Cell Line (Mentor: Catherine Propper)
  • Rachel Harrow: Developing a Rodent Track Identification Guide and Track Printing Methods for New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse (Mentor: Russell Benford)
  • Dane Henderson: Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Study the Birth and Fate of a New Volcanic Island (Mentor: R. Greg Vaughan)
  • Alexandra Huff: Placing New Constraints on the Unexpectedly Complex Formation of Meteor Crater (Mentor: Justin Hagerty)
  • John Kaplan: Potential Viability of Biopesticide for Managing Bark Beetles in Forest Ecosystems (Mentor: Richard Hofstetter)
  • Samantha Kruse : Heavy Metal for Migraines: Palladium-Phosphonium Systems and their Impact on Pharmaceuticals (Mentor: Stephanie Hurst)
  • Emily Lawhead: Contemporary Japanese Installation Art: Analysis of Exhibition Space as a Vehicle of Artistic Communication Rooted in Medieval Principles of Design (Mentor: Zsuzsanna Gulacsi)
  • Erik Lehmkuhl & Lindsey Stolze: Development of Microsatellite Markers in the Leech Helobdella stagnalis (Hirudinea: Glossiphoniidae) to Assess Paternity and Population Structure (Mentor: Stephen Shuster)
  • Lucas Molina: Long-term Litter Analysis of Treatments on a Ponderosa Pine Forest, Northern Arizona (Mentor: Matthew Bowker)
  • Michael Newell: Does Mode of Exercise Affect the Cellular Stress Response? (Mentor: Tinna Traustadottir)
  • Daniel Raggio: Scaling Models of Ejecta Blankets of Lunar Impact Craters (Mentor: Oleg Abramov: James Wittke)
  • Bridger Rodoni: Cell Signaling in Response to Acute Exercise: Effects of Age (Mentor: Tinna Traustadottir)
  • Lindsay Sidak-Loftis: Comparison of Ohi'a Tree Genotypes on Old and New Lava Flows in Hawai'i (Mentor: Joseph Busch)
  • Claire Sotelo & Mikayla Laufer: Development of S.P. Crater Eruption History Through Tephra Mapping (Mentor: Nancy Riggs)
  • Seth Terrell: Testing Proposed Margin of the Yavapai-Mojave Boundary Zone and Field Guide (Mentor: Ernest Duebendorfer)
  • Dylan Thomas: Metabolic Engineering of a Host to Incrase Production of a Biofuel, Tetramethylsqualene (Mentor: Andy Koppisch)
  • Carl Thomson: Modeling the Effects of Ponderosa Pine Density on Soil Moisture (Mentor: Frances O'Donnell)
  • Patrick Warfel: A Comparison Between The Chemistry Of Cinder Deposits And Volcanoes In The San Francisco Volcanic Field (Mentor: Nancy Riggs)
  • Taylor West: Individual Differences in Mindfulness and Quiet Ego Functions as Moderators of a Neural Correlate of Self-centric Motivation (Mentor: Robert Goodman)
  • William Woods: Soil Moisture Retention Comparison in Gradational Burn Severity of the Slide Fire Area: Thinned vs. Unthinned Ponderosa Pine Forests on the Southern Colorado Plateau (Mentor: Abraham Springer)
  • Kyle Wyman: Likelihood of Slope Failure of Slide Fire Area (Mentor: Taylor Joyal)