Students with Children



Our hats are off to you!  Going to school while parenting children is tough and we admire your Lumberjack spirit!   Please reach out to us if you need assistance.    We are looking to grow this area in the coming years.  But, right now we have identified the following resources.  Family Resources—by NAU Graduate College—this has information on insurance, healthcare and more. Here is some additional information on preschool through high school in the Flagstaff community.

NAU has Grant Money available for childcare expenses.  The program works on a sliding scale, paying 20 to 50 percent of your child care expenses while you pay the rest.

We are also looking to start a listserv and a SWAP (Students Who Are Parents) chapter for students who are parents—so that you can connect, share resources, support each other and continue to advocate for more dedicated university resources to ensure your success at the university.  If you would like to add your name and email to the listserv, or are interested in organizing SWAP, please contact Leslie Mitchell, Program Coordinator for Transfer and Commuter Connections.