Meet our peer mentors

Transfer Peer Mentors (TPM’s) are prior transfer students that want to share their NAU discoveries, experiences and information with new transfers like YOU! You can be paired with someone from the same college of study who can give “insider tips” for success and help with valuable department introductions.

Learning the unique culture and workings of a new campus can be tough. Let a TPM act as your own personal NAU tour guide and welcome you to your new home away from home.

If you are interested in…

  • Making valuable connections with people on campus and finding your “fit”
  • Getting  a jump start on connecting to your college and career resources
  • Receiving relevant department resource and referral information
  • Learning about good study skills and tutoring opportunities through the Student Learning Centers
  • Being “in the know” on current academic and campus social events
  • Learning  more about Flagstaff community and events
  • Access to group trips in and around Northern Arizona 

…..then the Transfer and Commuter Peer Mentor Program could be right for you.

We are located in the HLC Room 4103 Summer 2014 and look forward to meeting you.  To request a peer mentor, e-mail us or complete our Transfer Jack program recruitment form, select option A for mentoring.

Current Transfer Peer Mentors